Why Do People Play Golf?

Why Do People Play Golf?

By Gilbert M. Harvey / October 18, 2016

In general, there are so many different types of sports which are very beneficial for people such as football, swimming, basketball and so on. Each sport has its own benefits and special features for certain types of people. Therefore you can completely choose to play whatever kind of sports you like, depending on their preferences as well as your health conditions.


In fact, not every sport is suitable or beneficial for everyone such as hiking or racing because they are too dangerous if you don’t have experience for the activity. For examples, it’s so obvious that a motorcycle racing is absolutely impossible kid or the old people.

On the other hand, there are also some unique sports which can be helpful for all people including children and the elders. That’s why we’ re here today to  talk about one of the sports and it is golf.


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But what is golf? Overall, golf is a ball sport in which players have to use golf clubs in order to hit the ball into the series of holes on some specialized course. Now, you may think that this kind of sport is quite ridiculous and boring but you’re completely wrong.

Instead, this special sport is very good for people of all ages and races and it is not by chance that so many people choose golf as their favorite sport. If you are really curious about the reasons why golf is one of the most popular sports all over the world, the following are some  specific reasons for you:

A Great Start for a New Day

Don’t think that golf is only for your weekends or holidays, in fact, just consider this  sport a normal activity that you can do every sing day. Don’t say that: “ I have to work in early morning so it’s impossible for me to play golf”. That’s the most common reason for almost everyone, especially in businessman.


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Therefore, it’s not surprising that very few rich people are in physical prime, resulting in bad physical conditions. However, 45 or 60 minutes of playing golf in early morning can really help you to improve your mood without exerting your body like other sports.

This will help you get more energy and excitement for the rest of the day. Then just  spend a little time playing golf with your family or co-workers in the early morning and don’t forget a nutritious breakfast before getting out of home for your work.

It’s Completely Safe for Everyone

You can see that playing golf is just like walking around and swinging the club to hit the ball. Therefore, unlike soccer or skiing, golf is not intensive sport, instead, it’s completely safe for everyone, especially for children or the elder.

While playing golf, you don’t need to compete with anyone except yourself. Thus, a golf game on every weekend with your whole family can be the best choice for you.

Playing Golf Can Help You Improve Your Physical Health

Although it is considered a slow- paced sport, golf is still very beneficial for your physical health.

Generally, walking frequently can also help you improve your muscle tone as well as endurance. What’s more, walking around in a golf course can increase your heart rate and the blood flow. This can reduce the risk of diabetes or stroke for you.

Furthermore, playing golf can also help you reduce the blood pressure as well as harmful cholesterol, thus, it’s very good for fat people to lose weight. However, just playing golf is not enough for a good health, in fact, you also need to combine it with a healthy lifestyle and meals.

You Can Reduce Stress Effectively and Stay Emotionally Healthy


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Although playing golf doesn’t require much strength as well as durability, it still make you focus on the game. Just imagine it when you make the  right shot, is that amazing?

It is the fact that so many people don’t have a chance to get out of their offices, as a result, they will have to face a lot of stress every day. Why not try playing golf in the tomorrow morning when you can completely do that?

Just don’t care about anything else like your work, your boss or even your family because this is the time for you to enjoy the beautiful sun light and your golf game.

It Can Also Help You Avoid Sleep Deprivation

Unlike so many indoor activities, golf doesn’t only help you improve your muscle tone but also provide you a better sleep. This is simply because walking in the fresh air in the early morning give you a good workout, just like yoga or kayaking in a peaceful river.

As a result, if you play golf often, this can help you sleep faster and sleep more profoundly, depending on the amount of expended energy. This is very important, particularly for people suffering from sleep deprivation for a long time. Because the way you sleep will determine how well you perform in the following day.

It is no doubt that there are so many health benefits in playing golf but it is also an useful way for many people to build social as well as business contacts. For examples, a sale professional can completely set up a meet with his client for some contact in a golf course instead of offices.

Beautiful weather and a peaceful atmosphere in the early morning will help you get the deal much more easily. Therefore, instead of an office or a restaurant, just set the meet in a golf course and you will definitely see the wonderful result.

The Time to Build Strong Relationship with Your Whole Family

In this busy life, it is likely that you don’t have enough time for playing with your kids or even talking with them. This is partly because you don’t know how to communicate with them so it can be the best choice for you to play golf with your whole family on weekends.

Remember that children are much more interested in something new, especially outdoor activities like golf. Just spend more time with them, show them how to swing a golf club, talk with them more about everything in life.

That’s the main  reason why golf is not only a sport, but also a good method for building strong relationship with other people including family and friends.


It is completely wrong to say that golf is an extremely easy sport, on the contrary, it is relatively challenging for any player. In details, not like competitive sports such as football, basketball, you can totally play golf alone and you don’t have anyone to compete with if you don’t want.

Therefore, once you get a certain level, you may want to break your own record by trying harder and harder. Just imagine how fun it is when you can perform better and better than yesterday so don’t you think that playing golf is only for the elder. Remember that if you are the one who really loves sport and improves your skills, this one is very challenging, even for professional players.

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