How To Use A Rangefinder For Hunting %

How To Use A Rangefinder For Hunting

A rangefinder is quite a handy tool when it comes to hunt with the best hunting air rifle. It can be the border line between you killing an animal and going back empty handed. Everyone wants the former obviously, that is why it is important that they know how they can use a rangefinder to get the most accurate shot.

A rangefinder is a great tool in itself. It fits in the pocket quite easily. It can remove any errors in guessing the distance between you and your target. In this hunting blog, let us look at how you can increase your bounty with the help of a rangefinder.

Rangefinder For Hunting

Know your rangefinder

After you make the purchase, it is better that you spend some time getting to know about it. Read the instructions carefully and get acquainted with all its features. Check all the modes. Take it along with you always so that you can keep a track of how the rangefinder actually works.

Don’t get too dependent on it- instead, train yourself with it

However, do not rely too much on your range finder. There can be times when you have a target nearby but cannot do the necessary preparations so soon and end up missing it. Rather, you can do demo shoots. Make a target and shoot at it. Then check with the reading of the rangefinder to verify how close you were.

Now, let us move to the actual hunting process. Here are the tips to hunt down a target successfully.

Range the area before hunting

You should do this prior to hunting. Go to a tree stand and start to range the landmarks. While you are there, look around for trees that are 20, 30 or 40 yards away. Range them as well. This is helpful if your target is swift.

Using the rangefinder when the animal is coming towards you

This step tests how skillful you are. You have to be pin point accurate with your measurements and estimations in addition to staying hidden.

This is how you hunt down a target when it is coming towards you.

  • You spot a prey
  • Its path of movement is tracked and found out
  • While you are holding the weapon, you take out your rangefinder. Then you anticipate the shooting area and put it back in your pocket.
  • If your prey is moving on the same course, you make the call and hunt it down successfully.

This method is useful when you do not have time to prepare for a kill.

Using trees to Premark yardage

If you have a well-defined tree stand location, you can make use of it. Mark on the surroundings. This is the best method to establish yardage when you are hunting. Now you can mark them in any fashion that you want. You can use colored ribbons, tacks, or paint. Also, do this at least one month prior to the hunting season.

Here is how you can do it.

  • Stand in your tree stand and range your surroundings. You can use trees or some other markable objects for this purpose.
  • Ask a friend to make the marks while you are in your tree stand.
  • Repeat this process in those areas where you are sure you will find targets for hunting.

Now, if you are using visible ribbons, you can match them with the pin color of the yardage. Similarly, you can do for colored tracks.

However, if you are using the spray paint method, choose black color. Also, use the dot line method. This method is the most recommended because it blends in well with the surroundings. Thus, it is visible to the hunter but not to the animal.

Remember the angles

Straight line and vertical compensated ranges differ highly. On steep areas, a straight line range will lead to a high hit. This is all about geometry. Therefore, forget the ground target stands when you are hunting at height. Range the tree trunks at eye level.

At the end of all of it, it is the animal which decides whether it will be shot or not. The primary aim is to kill it without giving it unnecessary pain and in one shot. So, although guesses work, it is better that you learn how to use a rangefinder and teach yourself to work without it as well.


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