Golf Rangefinder with Flagseeker VPRO500® Review

TecTecTec! Golf Rangefinder with Flagseeker VPRO500® Review

TecTecTec! Golf Rangefinder with Flagseeker VPRO500® Review
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When golfing, getting the edge over everyone else is vital. Chances are you are up against very talented and very skilled players like yourself. As such the smallest advantage can mean that you get the upper hand and ultimately get the win. Additionally, the courses are not known to be the friendliest and hence you might need some extra assistance as you try to show case your prowess. This kind of assistance can come from a good and reliable rangefinder and the best that you might find in the market is the Golf Rangefinder – Laser Range Finder with Flagseeker VPRO500. Here is why.

Special Features

One of the most impressive features that this rangefinder has to offer is its long measurement range of between 5 and 540 yards which translates to more than 500 meters. This makes it ideal for the larger courses and those that have plenty of background cover.

It features 3 modes which include the advanced pin detector technology that is ideal for measuring subjects that are overlapping. The first target priority measures the distance of the closest subject and is very useful when you are measuring the distance of the flagstick and there is plenty of green cover in the background. On the other hand, there is the distant target priority mode helps to measure and display the distance of the farthest subject and can come in handy in woody areas. The last mode is the ProScan mode which allows you to have a measurement of the hazards that are in the distance. This way you not only have the measurement that you need for the best possible shot but you also know what you need to avoid and how far it is.

Golf Rangefinder with Flagseeker VPRO500®

The Golf Rangefinder – Laser Range Finder with Flagseeker VPRO500 also features a highly durable make with a high quality monocular lens with 6 times magnification and multi-layer coating. The coating allows for better and clearer images making the range finder easy to use and also very user friendly due to the enhanced clarity.

The full package of this rangefinder comes with a quality top tier bag, a microfiber cloth to help keep your lens clean at all times and also a strap to ensure that you can let it hang when you are not using it.  It also comes with a free battery which means that it is ready for use the moment that you purchase it.

Aside from the durable construction, it is also rain proof which means that you can use it even when the weather is not very good hence you do not have to lose your touch at all even when others cannot be able to use their rangefinders in wet conditions.

To assure you that you are getting value for your money, the Golf Rangefinder – Laser Range Finder with Flagseeker VPRO500 comes with a 60 day money back guarantee as well as 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.


Without a doubt with this rangefinder, the user is guaranteed that they are making the right decision owing to the fact that it has a 60 day money back guarantee as well as a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

It is easy and simple to use and as many people have put it, it take the guessing out of which club to use making the game much easier for you and increasing your chances of making the right decision.

The different modes allow the user to be able to capture target at different distances as well the hazards and hence you are able to make better shots that have better accuracy.

It is very compact and portable especially considering the fact that it comes with its own small bag as well as a strap that allows you to hang it when you are ready to take your shot.

It is reasonably priced despite the wide range of features a good number of which are present in rangefinders that cost considerably more.

The lens tends to fog up which can make use of the product a bit hard. However, with a wipe you can be able to wipe it up and continue with your endeavors.

If you are looking for something that is going to offer you top grade service for rock bottom dollar without compromising on the quality then the Golf Rangefinder – Laser Range Finder with Flagseeker VPRO500 is the ideal product for you.

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