How to Regrip Golf Clubs with an Air Compressor %

How to Regrip Golf Clubs with an Air Compressor

How to Regrip Golf Clubs with an Air CompressorGolf grip fitting is something, which becomes easier if you do it more. Nevertheless, one of the biggest downfall of having to regrip golf clubs is the huge amount of time-spent waiting for them to get dry. It might be very annoying and unsatisfying. However, you can make this whole process easy and simply by simply using an air compressor in order to install the grips. It is vital to know it is not as challenging and time consuming as it might looks.

It makes much sense that one of the most significant elements of the golf club is grip. Moreover, we truly have any physical connection with this exclusive part namely grip. Changing the grips is very easy. Infect it is rewarding, economical and stress-fee.

This article will share the information about how you can regrip golf clubs with the help of an air compressor. Truly speaking, it is considered as one the most competent method for regriping golf clubs. In order to perform this job successfully, you need is a fifty pound square” air compressor.

the best air compressor for the money should have a pointed nozzle add-on. Users can effortlessly get hold of pointed nozzle add-on at any hardware market. It is worth mentioning that one of best thing about using air compressor for the gripping is that it makes the entire task quite simple and easy.

Moreover, users can even regrip the club in only the matter of sixty seconds given users do not have to add or detach some tape at all. For regripping a golf club with an air compressor in simply not time and effort,

it is advisable to follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Firstly, it is important to fix the pointed nozzle as it helps you to seal the hole, which is existing in the grip.
  2. It is mandatory to clean the old tape by means of the grip solvent. Moreover, you can use the solvent created cleanser or you can even use the acetone as both can work equally well for regripping the golf clubs. Users can even put the new type on an old one if it is difficult for them to go through the whole process of using the grip solvent.
  3. Always put the usual covering tape. Users can easily get hold of one tape with the width 1.5”. It is important that tape should be able to easily cover up the tube in a flawless manner. The total amount of the tape users will apply rest on the thickness of a grip as looked-for.
  4. After doing so, you have to get the grip over the tube’s end. You can dip the end of the grip into the solvent, if you sense that fit seems to be stiffen. While the grip is on tube end then users need to get an air compressor nozzle at back of grip. Now, begin to apply the force so that you can fill the grip. If can become very easy for users to slide their grip down to the tube, if the pressure is suitable. Set the pressure in a way, which help you to center the grip. It is vital to mention that in spite of using the grip solvent, you can also use the paint thinner or gasoline.
  5. In any case, you feel that there more tape is required in order to back off an air compressor, and then put additional tape. This approach works fairly well as you feel the want to exchange the grips.

It is not necessary that you can complete the whole process successfully in only one go; however as you know that practice makes a man perfect. Beside this, the above given process is simple therefore, I do not think so that it might take your much time in order to learn & master the entire art of regripping the golf clubs by using an air compressor.

It is advisable to try it out and eventually you become able to get achievement with this process. The actual trick is to keenly follow all the steps precisely as given and as a result, it will be extremely easy and simple for you.

It is end; I hope that users will this article useful and their regripping project fulfilling.


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