What Does One Need to Learn Playing Golf? %

What Does One Need to Learn Playing Golf?

By Gilbert M. Harvey / October 25, 2016

Of course, anyone can learn how to play golf, however, like other types of sports, you have to know the basics of golf before learning how to play it. In addition, the skills required to play golf properly as well as improve your game can only be acquired over time.

In general, there are so many different things you need to do when learning to play golf. For examples, a beginner will need lessons in order to learn how to hold his golf club in the right way, how to aim and hit the golf ball accurately. However, some others choose to start with the basic rules of the game first. Besides, you may also need to learn about the suitable equipment for your golf game as well as how to choose the perfect club.


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Therefore, you can see that learning how to play golf is not simple at all. In fact, there are a lot of things to care about. However, what to learn first when you don’t know anything about golf now? Don’t worry because I’m here to figure it out:

First, even though you think you can learn everything on your own, you still need to find a certified golf professional 

If you want to start learning the basics of golf, it’s highly recommended for you to get a lesson from a certified teaching professional. Spending a bit of money on a good golf lesson is not a waste at all, in fact, it’s very worth your time. Because if you learn yourself, it may take years to understand the basics of this complicated sport.

It’s the best for you to find a good package deal for a beginner because they often provide  group lessons with discounted rates. In the lessons, the professional will teach you the basics of golf such as grip, stance , swing mechanics, and posture.

Learn how to buy yourself a suitable set of golf clubs


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Choosing the right club is one of the most important thing which you have to care about if you want to learn golf. There are so different choices for you so if you want to be a real golfer, just make sure that your clubs can fit you perfectly. Or else, you will definitely feel uncomfortable while swinging, especially when blisters occur.

Overall, you are able to carry 14 clubs at most in your golf bag. However, if you are a beginner, you will not need a lot of specialized clubs like that. Instead, just remember to start with a driver, a sand wedge and a putter, then supplement those clubs with a 6-iron, 8-iron, and a fairway wood.

However, there are several things to consider when choosing golf clubs:

  • Determine your skill level
  • Choose how many clubs you need in your bag
  • Decide on the shaft flex
  • Decide on the shaft length
  • Choose the suitable club head for the irons

All of the clubs are essential for those who start to learn golf so make sure that you have all of them in your golf bag before playing a game. In addition, don’t forget to learn how to clean and maintain the clubs because they are likely to get rusted or damaged over time.

Learn about the various types of shots you want to make on the golf course

This is also an important aspect of golf training. For instance, you will have to learn when to chip or pitch a shot. Specifically, A chip can roll on the ground whereas a pitch shot takes a little bit of the air and then stops very quickly.

I can’t tell you which shot you should make, it depends on you and your preferences. By training with your teaching professional, you may know how to spot, whether a pitch or a chip shot. Furthermore, you also need to practice learning how to

You will also need practice learning how to avoid a a hazard, particularly the sand bunker. Because when you’re stuck in the sand, you will probably hit a clump of sand under the golf ball rather than the ball itself. Fortunately, a teaching professional can teach you how to choose the right clubs as well as how to drive the golf ball out of the sand bunker.

Learn how to know which club to use with for a certain shot

To figure out which club to use for a shot, you have to know the average distance you can hit the ball with each club. Afterwards, you can easily choose the right one which can fit the distance you want to hit. For examples, with a 2- iron, a man can hit the ball 190 yards while a woman can only hit 160 yards.

Learn how to stand properly during a swing

Another thing you need to consider is the hitting stance in a game golf. Just like a baseball player, it’s very important to stand properly so as to hit the ball as hard as possible, a golf player has to make the same stance.

Nonetheless, many beginners stand improperly, therefore, they can’t follow through enough on their swing. In details, the way you position your body including your upper body, hips and legs can affect how effectively you hit the ball. With a professional golf instructor, you will not only know how to stand properly, but also know how your body should move on a swing.

Everything from your head to your feet have to move during a swing but beginners are usually stiff and not sure about the way they have to hit the ball. That’s the reason why you have to learn and practice this skill before playing any golf game.

Learn about the golf etiquette


Source: http://www.asga.org/news/142/changes-to-the-decisions-on-the-rules-of-golf

Last but not least, you need to know the etiquette in golf, especially if you want to become a skilled golfer. In fact, every sport has its own etiquette and golf is not an exception. When you play on a golf course, you have to show the general etiquette towards the other players as well as the management of the course.

In order to learn the golf etiquette as well as the basic rules in a golf game, you can completely get a copy of the official rules online, then try learn it by heart anytime you are free. This can help you deal with different situations on the course much more easily.

In general, there are several things you need to know before playing golf game as follows:

  • Never walk in the other players’ way while they are putting lines, or else, you can affect the grass to some extent.
  • Keep silent while other golfers are hitting
  • Never stand directly behind or in front of a player who is swinging.
  • Dress appropriately and politely.

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