Nikon Coolshot Laser Rangefinder Review

Nikon Coolshot Laser Rangefinder Review

Nikon Coolshot Laser Rangefinder
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When it comes to gold, skill and training is never enough. The courses are humongous and often with plenty of cover which can make it very difficult for you to even see your target. That is why you need all the help that you all the help that you can get to be able to locate your target if you stand any chance of being able to nail it down or take a decent and more calculated short. However, to give you an edge over your competition, you have to make sure that you only recruit the best and it does not get better than the Nikon Coolshot Laser Rangefinder. Here is why.

Special Features

It comes with a large ocular lens that measures 18mm. this provides a faster view which translates to a shorter time calculating the measurement which allows more time for you to take your shot. It also comes with a long eye relief as well as a wide field of view which allows you to scan a wider area in a shorter span of time.

Nikon COOLSHOT Laser Rangefinder

The lens of the Nikon Coolshot Rangefinder comes fitted with multi-layer coated optics which allows the rangefinder to offer clearer and brighter view. The multilayered coatings are ideal for transmission of light and allow the user to get see the target objects on the coat with maximum ease offering quite a pleasant experiment.

Are you finding it hard to locate the pin on the course? Worry not, the rangefinder also comes complete with laser rangefinder features that allow you to scan across the backdrop of the green and until the flag or the pin yardage is at a closer distance. This makes it even simpler considering that you do not need to worry about your hand shaking and interfering with the distance. You can be able to achieve all these at the single push of a button and within only 8 seconds.

In the event that you obtain multiple targets, you need to know which one is the closest and how close it is. With the First Target Priority feature, you can be able to do this and more. It allows you to measure the distances to the flagstick as opposed to measuring the distance to the background. This can be very helpful when the player is taking an approach shot.

The Coolshot features Nikon industry’s laser rangefinder technology. This ensures that you have instant readings of measurements which are extremely precise between 11 and 600 yards out in a timespan that is superbly short and almost instantaneous.

Considering that every player on the golf course has plenty of equipment to carry, the last thing that you need is to have just one more thing that will add on to the weight of your equipment. That is why the Nikon Coolshot Laser Rangefinder comes with a lightweight and compact design to ensure that while it is very valuable, it does not impose on your space and energy.


Given the wide array of features that the Nikon Coolshot laser Rangefinder has, it is only fair that you would expect it to come with an equal share of benefits which include;

It simplicity and ease of use allowing it to be used by newbies and professionals alike.

It has a unique, aesthetically appealing and professional looking design that allows it to not only be a functional gadget but a fashion statement at the same time.

It comes in a protective carrying that helps to ensure that your lens is sound for longer allowing you to experience more benefits.

The rangefinder even has a backlight to allow you see the measurements even when there is limited lighting available.


The size is a bit too small for the liking of most users and can be inconvenience the field of view.

The measurement might not work very well on a variety of backgrounds and requires a couple of tries before you are able to get something tangible.

While it might have its fair share of downsides, the Nikon Coolshot is still a great product for those that are looking to get perfect readings on the course in a simple, easy to use and ergonomically designed rangefinder. You will not only be able to get a functional rangefinder but also one that is convenient and s half the size of a good number of the rangefinders.

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