Nikon COOLSHOT AS Laser Rangefinder Review

Nikon COOLSHOT AS Laser Rangefinder Review

Nikon COOLSHOT AS Laser Rangefinder
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Among the factors that make golfing a great sport is the cool gadgets and equipment that the players use. Even though some people and especially the spectators might see these gadgets as cool, the players see them as fundamental in their game and their climb to success. Among the gadgets that you will see a golf player pull out so often is the rangefinder and needless to mention, second to the clubs and ball, they have to be the most important asset that any player can have. The Nikon Coolshot AS Laser rangefinder is one of them and offers quite a vast array of features to benefit every golf player out there.

Special Features

The Nikon Coolshot offers a blend of Nikon’s legendary optical performance with some of the best there is on measurement technology today to offer a great blend of enticing and captivating features and a device that is able to deliver on the course.

ID technology

Among the stand out features that this rangefinder has to offer is the Incline/decline functionality that gets the slope adjusted distance for any downhill or uphill shot with the new golf mode. This allows the user to have confidence in the shot that they are taking since they are more likely going to have an accurate angle compensated distance and you also have a better chance of picking the right club. With this feature, you have far more better chances of hitting the ball at the right trajectory and hence a better shot.

Tru target technology

There are a couple of benefits that come with this feature. First it allows you to scan across the green without a worry of ever finding the target but once it locks the pin down, it brings it closer for you to be able to see it properly. It does not stop there. At the push of a button, you have up to 8 seconds of continuous ranging which is quite important since your shaky hands do not interfere with getting accurate distance to the pin. Even with the tension, you can still be able to display your prowess.

Large ocular lens

An 18mm ocular lens helps you to view across wide areas faster and hence spend less time taking measurement while hitting shots. The ocular lens also features the long eye relief as well as a wide field of view hence straining is not that much complex and allows for better and more fulfilling viewing and measurement.


Many are times when the rain will fall during the middle of the game. Right before that, the clouds that converge and form a dark blanket make it hard for you to see. However, with the Nikon Coolshot AS rangefinder, you have the best possible chances of getting that shot to count. While the competition might be struggling with the condition, the Nikon’s waterproof feature allows you to go about your business as if nothing changed and at the same time, it prevails in dark conditions. You do not have to postpone that last hole. You can still take it with confidence and conviction with the aid of this rangefinder.

Ultimately, while the Coolshot As might sound quite sophisticated with all the range finding technology piled up into one gadget, it is quite simple to use. All that you need to do is press and hold the ranging button and that is about it. You get instant distance reading with ease and utmost accuracy.

With the accuracy that this rangefinder offers, it is the best training tool that you could ever use. By using this rangefinder, a player can be able to learn their personal distances with each club and know which club is best used in which distance. The precise knowledge that you gain from using the Coolshot ensures that you avoid the big or low numbers that might affect your scores when playing.


The features present a wide array of benefits to the user and because of this, offer another reason as to why they should seriously consider purchasing the Nikon Coolshot Rangefinder. Among the benefits that it has to offer include;

It is light weight and hence you do not have to worry about carrying around extra weight. Even better is the fact that it fits perfectly in the hand which makes it easier to carry. Given its value and its little burden of weight, there is no reason why this is not a must purchase.

Aside from being lightweight, the rangefinder is also handy and quite reliable giving measurement to within half a yard of accuracy and to be sincere, there is nothing more that you would look for in a rangefinder than what this particular ne could offer.

Even better is the fact that it is reasonably priced and much more affordable than some of the other rangefinders that feature the same abilities. You do not have to pay out of your nose to get the quality and reliability that it offers.

It has also proven to be the ideal thing even for those that are not golfers. Biologists and especially those that are involved in bird surveys are also finding the qualities that it has to offer quite important in their field.


On the flip side, there are a couple of concerns that are worth noting before settling on making a purchase of the Nikon Coolshot AS Rangefinder that include;

It might not be the best buy for those that have some shaky hands. However, this does not have to be an issue as you can simply find some solid objects that you can lean the gadgets against and you will be able to diminish the effects that the shaky hands presents. Other than that, the Coolshot does not seem to have other concerns that have been noted.

Whether you are a golfer, a biologist or a lover of the vast outdoors the Nikon Coolshot AS Rangefinder is the ideal partner. In golfing, whether you are playing or practicing to sharpen your skill, it will offer you the best and most accurate distancing and for the price you have to pay to get it, it is clear why it is bound to become a household name for most people in different fields.

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