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How To Choose The Right Golf Shoes For You

By Gilbert M. Harvey / October 1, 2016

Whether you are a newbie to golf or already a professional golfer, knowing how to choose the right golf shoes is very important. Because they will be close friends to your feet, they will help your feet to feel more comfortable for several hours of playing and practicing golf on the golf course. Also, they […]


How to Regrip Golf Clubs with an Air Compressor

By Patrick Horne / May 6, 2016

Golf grip fitting is something, which becomes easier if you do it more. Nevertheless, one of the biggest downfall of having to regrip golf clubs is the huge amount of time-spent waiting for them to get dry. It might be very annoying and unsatisfying. However, you can make this whole process easy and simply by […]


How To Use A Rangefinder For Hunting

By Patrick Horne / May 1, 2016

A rangefinder is quite a handy tool when it comes to hunt with the best hunting air rifle. It can be the border line between you killing an animal and going back empty handed. Everyone wants the former obviously, that is why it is important that they know how they can use a rangefinder to […]


How To Use A Rangefinder While Fishing With Kayaks

By Thomas J. McClure / April 7, 2016

Nothing helps you better than adventure sports when you are looking to break the monotony of life. Working 9 to 5 in a glass walled cabin will suck the entire inspiration and turn you into a robot. In order to reload the inspiration and acquire rejuvenation, one needs to undergo adventure sports. Adventure sports have […]


Golf Rangefinder for Beginner Tips

By Randy / December 22, 2015

There are a lot of kinds of Range Finder that is used in different sports. Even though it has the same function of calculating the distance from the standing position to the target, due to what kind of the sport as well as the case it is used that the range finder will be manufactured […]

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