How to use a golf rangefinder (Laser/ GPS)

How to use a golf rangefinder (Laser/ GPS) ?

How to use a golf rangefinder

The golf rangefinders have taken the game of golf to an all new level where people can find so many different options to increase the skills of their game. The best way to enhance your game of golf is through the use of golf rangefinders. This is particularly important for the amateur golfers as they face a lot of difficulties otherwise.

The pro golfers too, make use of such devices to increase the precision in their shots. There are two distinct types of golf rangefinders where the first one is the laser beam and the other one is the GPS golf rangefinder. The laser type with its cost effective and easy to use features is more suitable for the amateur golfers.

On the other side, the pro golfers are more suitable with the GPS golf rangefinders, particularly because of their versatility. The majority of such models is allowed to be used in the tournaments as well. The people using such equipment for the first time face a lot of issues as how to use them effectively. This is our agenda in this guide and we will try to familiarize you with the usage of both the types with easy to follow steps.

The Steps Required for Using the Laser Golf Rangefinder

The laser golf rangefinder is the easiest one to use among the two types. The following are the critical steps required for using this device:

  • In order to use the laser golf rangefinder, make sure that the target object is in your sight as it requires having the line of sight in order to calculate the distance. Use the view port of the device to aim the object for which you want to calculate the distance.
  • The trigger of the device must be pulled once you have sighted the target object. This action will send a laser beam to that particular object.
  • The display screen of the device would tell you about the distance readout. If there is no accurate locking of the target, then an error message will occur which prompts you to take again the range.

The Steps for Using the GPS Rangefinder:

The following are the major steps for using the GPS rangefinder:

  • In case of a GPS rangefinder, you are first required to download the golf course on to the system. This needs to be done at home on your computer before you can leave home to play the game. You would require a monthly subscription service to use such a device.
  • Switch on the device once you reach the golf course and let your device acquire the necessary GPS satellite feed.
  • Select the hole on the device which you are going to play next and then point out the intended target hole. The majority of the GPS golf rangefinder does have the distance measurement to the pin that is actually embedded as an option. There might be some intermediary distance in some of the golf courses which are embedded in the mapping of the course using the GPS mechanism.
  • Once you are done with selecting the hole to play, then the majority of the systems moves to the next hole in the line. If you are playing some tournament or scrambled game, then the holes can be picked manually. The readings are displayed on the screen for each hole that you set and want to play.

The whole process is easy and a person can get used to it with time. The usage of a Golf rangefiner helps a golf player to achieve the goals in the game accurately and lowering the probability to miss any target.

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