Golf Rangefinder for Beginner Tips and Tricks

Golf Rangefinder for Beginner Tips

By Randy / December 22, 2015

There are a lot of kinds of Range Finder that is used in different sports. Even though it has the same function of calculating the distance from the standing position to the target, due to what kind of the sport as well as the case it is used that the range finder will be manufactured in particular way to suit with it. For example, The Different between Golf Rangefinder and Archery Range Finder is the purpose of use. 

Golf RangeFinder

1. What is a Golf Rangefinder?

This is an electronic tool used in golf to help the player in conveniently calculating the distance from the standing place to a stable point on a golf course to make a shot more exactly. In addition, another name of Golf Rangefinder is golf laser rangefinder as many manufacturers usually use the laser technology to produce this kind.

By using this device, the player will find it easier while enjoying this sport. In the past, to know the distance to a flag or a tree, in addition to guessing by your imagination, another unreal method is to use the measurer to do this. Of course, thus, your game will become a gamble, move to the next level or not is just 50 percent. But in modern times, alongside many advanced technologies have been invented, you can use a range finders to give you the correct number about the distance to the point you want to. Therefore, you can improve the game very much as well as reduce your handicap.

On the other side, a golf range finder also helps you look more professional and calculate faster. Gradually, this tool becomes a must – have device that almost golf player trying to get one.

2. How a Golf Laser Rangefinder works

By using the advanced technology, of course a laser range finder will be more accurate and flexible than the others. Also, it is very easy to use as well. All you need to do is choose a target and point the direction, the rest will be done quickly by the device. It will mark and lock that target, measure the distance and then give you the data. Right from the time you open the box, you can use it by looking through the lens and the tool will scan the surroundings. There are many comparisons between a laser range finder and a GPS range finder. Even though, both of them are convenient the same, in some cases, the GPS ask you to make a subscription and use pre-loaded golf course.

The benefits of a golf range finder:

  • Flexible (able to measure quickly and easily the distance to any point)
  • The high correction
  • Need not to download or upload as well as update the golf courses.
  • No need the subscription.

3. Things to consider while choosing a Golf Rangefinder for Beginner:

Things to consider while choosing a golf rangefinder for beginner

  • Range/Yard Coverage:this is one of the most important elements you need to keep in mind while choosing. Because if you choose the range/yard coverage that is too short, then how can you calculate the far point on the golf course? It is very unpleasant but also waste money. All the golf range finder in particular speaking and the range finder in general will have the information on it about the maximum range in order to check out.
  • Accuracy:Not just in golf but all the kinds of sport that the player have to make sure the accuracy to catch the chance. If you determine to use this device as a assistance, you must have a look at the accuracy of it. In addition to reading the information about the device that the producer has provided, you also consult the review of many other customers to get the most exactly knowledge about the product you intend to buy.
  • Price/discount:Yes, this is the element that all customers always concern, especially for those who are on a tight budget. Depend on it as well as how much money you are please to spend for in order to choose the best and suitable one. A tip for you if you have a tight budget but want to get a high quality device with the price is a little bit high, you can wait until the discount season coming to receive the offer up to 50 percent.
  • The tournament approved:check out whether it is tournament approved or not. If you are a semi in golf, you need to consider choosing the kind that have this feature as not all the range finder can offer
  • Battery Life:Last but not least is the battery life of a range finder, you’ rather not to forget as it will do the help much for those who do not want to spend much money on this. Make sure the battery life can let you enjoy at least 18 holes game as nobody wants to have a dead battery after just a few holes, but in some cases, the cost of changing or replacing is very expensive. One of the important issues in acquiring a golf rangefinder is the battery


The article has just given you some useful information about a golf rangefinder for beginner who are looking for this device to use in the golf course. While the Golf Range finder is to look for the fixed target like the flag, hazards or the golf ball, the Archery Range Finder is usually used for determining the animal during the hunting party using BowHunting method, like Compound Bows or Recurve Bows,… By knowing clearly about the advantages as well as the features needed to keep in mind while considering, the customers are able to choose the best one.

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