How To Choose The Right Golf Shoes For You %

How To Choose The Right Golf Shoes For You

Whether you are a newbie to golf or already a professional golfer, knowing how to choose the right golf shoes is very important. Because they will be close friends to your feet, they will help your feet to feel more comfortable for several hours of playing and practicing golf on the golf course. Also, they will support your feet keep the balance and stability better when you make your swing or stance. However, like choosing the best walking shoes for men, the tips for choosing the right golf shoes also require some unique features.


how to choose the right golf shoes

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Like choosing other shoes, the golf shoes you wear also need to be perfect fit to your feet because this will help you keep the stability when your make stance and prevent you from sliding. In addition, the golf shoes you choose must have a roomy toe box in order to have a space for your toes.

However, there are a variety of foot types and most shoes are built on the athletic style base, they are often wider than traditional saddle shoes, therefore, you should measure your foot before choosing the right size. Also, it would be better if you can buy them in person at a store, in this case, you can test your shoes before you pick them. Remember to wear your socks before you try them on because a pair of shoes that fit your bare feet may be a bit tight when you wear them with your socks. If the sizes of your feet are different a bit, you should pick the size based on the larger foot.


how to choose the right golf shoes

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Leather and synthetic are the common materials for making the upper shoes, both of them will have pros and cons, but which is the better?  Being water-proof seems to be the required feature for the golf shoes because when playing golf, you have to walk a long distance on grass for several hours. It will be alright if you wear a normal pair of shoes in the dry conditions, but you can’t be stand on shoes for too long if they are get wet. In addition, the leather seems to be more durable than synthetic, but as downside, leather shoes are often more expensive than synthetic.

Spike or Spikeless?


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It is very common to see spikes on the bottom of golf shoes, but is this feature necessary? It would be alright to wear spikeless shoes if you practice on mats. But for outdoor playing, you may need the shoes that can have better grips on slippery surfaces. Also, you must remember that keeping a good balance and stability are the keys for a best swing and get scores, but if your outsoles of shoes aren’t equipped with spikes, you might lose your footing on drives easily during swings, especially when you make a strong swing on the hilly courses or soggy grass courses. Therefore, these spikes will work as things to prevent you from unwanted slipping and falling. However, you can easily pick the golf shoes that come with replaceable pikes, so you can attach them or not, and as a recommendation, you should replace your pikes after every three months if you just play golf once a week.


Based on the material of shoes, they will be heavier of lighter, but the outsole is thicker, the heavier the shoes are. However, the light ones would be always ideal for long distances of walking, especially on the several miles on the golf course, therefore, the lighter weight of a pair of shoes seems the ones you should pick.

Best Brands for Golf Shoes

New balance 3001 – This brand is the first one you should consider if you are on the way for a new pair of golf shoes. Although beginning to be on the market in February, 2016, this new version of new balance brand is quickly becoming the preferred shoes among golfers due to owing many dominant features. Firstly, the upper shoes are made of microfiber leather which is water-proof – a must-have feature of golf shoes. Secondly, the forefoot of shoe is designed to be wider than others, so you feet have more space to comfortably accommodate. Thirdly, the shoes are attached the spikes for the better stability during swings.

Adidas Men’s Adipower Boost 2 – Being preferred by customers for a long time, Adidas deserves to got 5 stars from the customers due to the excellent features of each version of shoes has, so what this pair of shoes are excellent for? One thing is about the soft material of microfiber leather used for upper shoes, which allows shoes are not only more durable and flexible but also for being water-proof, so your feet will stay dry throughout practicing whether you have to practice in wet conditions. In addition, these shoes also come with the feature for better arch support, which means your feet are well protected during many miles on golf course. But as downside feature, these shoes don’t include the replaceable pikes, which you have to get a new pair when their pikes are worn.

Oakley Men’s Carbon Pro 2 – This pair of golf shoes are designed for the perfect features to meet the requirements for playing golf. The upper of shoes are made of leather while compression-molded EVA technology is used for making the midsoles, which means they are good at being water-proof and durable. In addition, the spikes attached on the bottom of shoes will help them have great traction, which means your feet are supported to increase the better balance during strong swings.

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