Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Rangefinder with JOLT Review

Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Rangefinder with JOLT Review

Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Rangefinder with JOLT
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It is easily agreeable that golf has to be among the most tactical sports there is and even though you might not have coaches shouting instructions on the course, there is a lot that you have to bear in mind before you tee off. It is virtually impossible to make all the calculations yourself and keep your head in the game. However, with a little help from technologies best, the task becomes easier and much more bearable. One of those gadgets that can come in handy is the Bushnell Tour Z6 with Jolt Technology with GPS and Laser range finder.

Special Features

The prime feature of this laser rangefinder is to allow the golfer know the yardage to the pin. The pinseeker feature is able to easily lock on to the flagsticks in a heartbeat and accurately hence being able to deliver the yardage in a quick and reliable manner. It is capable of delivering yardage from anywhere between five to 1,300 yards.

The jolt technology that has been included on the new model, you never again have to try and locate the pin in the view. The Bushnell Z6 releases bursts of vibration once it has been able to isolate the pin or the flagstick. It is now much easier for you to lock down on the pin reliable and fast.

To make spotting and even viewing much easier and faster, it also features a 6× magnification. It makes seeing the small pins much easier and at the same time also makes it easier for you to understand the terrain more comfortably and conveniently.  Needless to mention, you get a clearer view regardless of how far you are from the pin itself.

The E.S.P 2 technology allows the golfer get yardage much faster and more accurately than they would have before to a about a tenth of a yard which to put it simply is quite accurate. Regardless of your skill level you can rest assured that your best chance of landing the shot closest to the pin is with this baby from Bushnell.

The Z6 also comes with an optical enhancement that helps to dramatically improve the contrast, transmission of light as well as clarity of the images that you are able to get. It is also able to improve the brightness of the digital readout information which allows for easier identification of the targets even in not very good lighting conditions. This can be really helpful on a heavily cloudy day.

An adjustable diopter is also among the plethora of features that this Bushnell rangefinder has to offer. The fun does not stop there as the user is also able to enjoy the rubber armored metal housing that gives an ideal blend of durability and fresh design.

The entire gadget is water proof and even the battery compartment comes with a posi-thread door. That way you never have to worry about getting your rangefinder a little wet in the rain. In any case, you should be in a better position to prevail while your counterparts conceal theirs in fear of getting them wet.

Other than the 2 year warranty, it is also worth mentioning that you can be able to enjoy all the features that the Bushnell Z6 with Jolt Technology has to offer on tour because it has been legalized for this.


Even though with plenty of features, any head straight wants to know the benefits that buying one rangefinder is going to offer them as opposed to getting a different.

One of the biggest advantages that the Bushnell Z6 has to offer is that it comes complete and ready for use complete with a battery. You can even get it on tournament day and still be able to use it even on short notice.

Still on usability, the Z6 is quite simple to use. With a couple of buttons and simple lay out, it is quite easy to use it even for the newbies who might not have a lot of experience with rangefinder.

It is small, compact and functional and the best part is that it comes with rubber armor and an metal housing which makes it quite durable since the rubber housing is able to absorb shock should the device fall and the metal housing is able to protect the delicate components. The quality is unbeatable and speaks for itself.

It comes with a 2 year warranty which should do more than enough to ensure that you wipe off any doubts that you might have had about its ability to deliver and the quality of the build.

It is also reasonably priced and more so given the fact that it could be your sidekick out on the course and be the key to finally unlocking your success on the golf course.


Well, as you would expect, there has to be something about any device that has a flaw or you might not find very interesting.

With the Z6, a couple of people have found it hard to use especially for those that were trying it as the first rangefinder that they were using. Well, it can be a bit complex to be able to understand all the features and know how to use them but as time goes, you will quickly warm up to it. All you have to do is be up for the challenge.

A sizeable number of people have also expressed their concern with the boxy shape of the Bushnell Z6. In an era where fashion is heavily considered, it is only fair that some of those that have had chance to use this rangefinder have found it to be quite boxy and could use some refinement around the edges.

Even with the new Jolt technology, the Bushnell is a bit pricey and more so the amateurs and new golfers who are looking for something that can hold the spot as they build themselves up. However, if this is the case, you can always go down to something that is within your range and can serve the purpose.


Even though the design sticks out awkwardly, it is worth noting that on functionality and capability, the Bushnell does more than deliver and hence for those that would love to get the edge it has to offer and do not mind pulling out a gadget that might not be the best in terms of exterior design, this is it.

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