Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder - PinSensor3 Series Review %

Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder – PinSensor3 Series Review

By Gilbert M. Harvey / August 15, 2015
Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder - PinSensor3 Series
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Do you want to become a great golfer? A golf rangefinder can help you become one. This is a device that has come into the game and brought a lot of good with it. However, you need the best to achieve good performance. Many models can come in handy for you and one of them is the Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder – PinSensor3 Series. This is a rangefinder that brings a new feel in the game thanks to its wide range of features. Find out more about the device by reading the paragraphs that follow.

Key Features

Long Range

With the Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder, you can easily overcome all the challenges in the golf course. It gives you accurate measurements up to 550 Yards away. This makes it a good pick for anyone who wants to enjoy the game without much strain. You can accurately get the distances and know just which club you need to get the target. Both starters and those looking to be better golfers can own the device and it will obviously improve their accuracy a great deal. However, there are other models with longer ranges if you wish to explore greater distances but for a maximum of 550 Yards, you can trust this as your perfect partner.

PinSensor technology

This rangefinder comes with the PinSensor software installed. This is a product of Breaking and if you have used initial models, you will see a great improvement in this one. The updates have great additions that are all to the advantage of the golfer. It finds the targets accurately and measures the distance to the flag posts as you would want. Have you been using GPS units? If you have been a victim of the disappointments, you can find a solution when you buy this rangefinder.

Continuous Scan

There is a continuous scan mode that you can engage by pressing the ‘open’ button. You will get a continuous scan for 8 seconds and this is very helpful if you are focusing a target amongst trees.

High Magnification

High magnification is what an optical device ought to have. This makes you see the difference between using one and naked eyes. Well, the Breaking 80 has a magnification of 6x. With this, you can expect clear and bright images even for objects that are a great distance away and what else would a golfer need? The magnification practically turns the golf course into a small globe that you can hold in your hands and take total control over. I would this a great eyepiece that has the capabilities of a microscope.


The golf course can be unfriendly at times and any tool in play needs the attributes that will make it brush them off. This rangefinder will not be intimidated by any unfriendly weather conditions and come what may, functionality remains top notch. The lens is well protected and it will keep magnifying those objects for you no matter what. The eyepiece is also an improvement of the initial designs. It is made of durable material that will not only deliver high performance but also stays for long period. Plainly put, this new design is worth the money.

Automatic Shut off

Save some batteries with the Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder. It automatically shuts off after 30 seconds when it is idle. You can save some coins unlike other models which stay active and consume energy doing nothing. When the battery level falls, you will be notified on the screen so that your game does not to an abrupt end.


  • The rangefinder is very easy to use. The icons on the screen aid you to focus on the target.
  • Has continuous scan mode that scans for 8 seconds to give multiple target measurements.
  • The PinSensor provides a clear and bright view.
  • It goes for a cheaper price but has performance similar to expensive models.
  • Automatically shuts of when idle for 30 Seconds.
  • Made of tough material.


  • The instructions on how to use it are not comprehensive.


Any golfer would obviously love the Breaking 80 because of its easy usability. Despite its price, it is well functional and highly ranked. The upward trend of the manufacturer is quite positive and means golfers can keep expecting better.

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