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Golf Rangefinder vs Hunting Rangefinder: Are There Differences?

By Gary Sonnenberg / November 24, 2016

If you have shopped around at all for a rangefinder, you probably have noticed that some are advertised as golf rangefinders while others are known as hunting rangefinders. Maybe you even own of the two types already and are curious about the other kind. You don’t have to be both a golfer and a hunter […]


Top 31 Must-Read Golf Blogs in 2017

By Gilbert M. Harvey / November 18, 2016

For golfers looking for the best golf blogs out there, it can be very difficult and confusing. That’s because there are thousands upon thousands of blogs dedicated to golf and issues surrounding golfers. However, not all blogs are the same and some of them, are far better than others. So how can a serious golfer […]


5 Important Golf Cart Accessories

By Gilbert M. Harvey / October 28, 2016

You bought a golf cart and are now ready to get out and have some fun with your new ride. It will be really fun to drive around your favorite golf courses and play golf thereafter. But how do you keep you golf cart in good shape?Like any other vehicle, a golf cart is also […]


What Does One Need to Learn Playing Golf?

By Gilbert M. Harvey / October 25, 2016

Of course, anyone can learn how to play golf, however, like other types of sports, you have to know the basics of golf before learning how to play it. In addition, the skills required to play golf properly as well as improve your game can only be acquired over time. In general, there are so […]


Benefits of Playing Golf

By Gilbert M. Harvey / October 22, 2016

Overall, playing sports is very beneficial for your health, especially in this busy life where people are all in a rush to make money. There are so many kinds of sports out there which can help you improve your physical and mental health very effectively. Today, I will talk about one of the best outdoor […]

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