Best Handheld GPS for Golf Reviews: Ultimate Guides for 2016

Best Handheld GPS for Golf Reviews: Ultimate Guides for 2016

Best Handheld GPS for Golf Reviews: Ultimate Guides for 2016

In the wake of modernity, games have been made better and golf is now on a higher level thanks to the introduction of GPS technology in the game. When American satellite technology became open for commercial use, a door of opportunities opened for many people. Owing to the popularity of golf, the GPS devices are sold widely and many authorities have now authorized their use in the game. They come in the form of watches or handheld devices.  Because of the flooded market, manufacturers are endeavoring to make the best handheld GPS for golf and so that they can compete. Besides competing amongst themselves, they also have to find an edge above rangefinders which have proven to be arch rivals. One property that makes GPS devices preferable is portability. The paragraphs that follow give you details about golf GPS devices.

Quick Review for Top 5 Best Handheld GPS for Golf in 2016

​A golfer needs the best GPS to get the confidence needed when taking the shot. Below are reviews of top models of handheld GPS devices that will help you make a good decision on the one to buy. As you read, keep in mind your preferences because only something that interests you is worth buying. Are you tired of a dysfunctional GPS that you bought previously? You can get ideas on the perfect replacement to choose right here.


Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf Handheld GPS

Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf Handheld GPS

If you are thinking of becoming the next big golf player, think of buying a good GPS golf devise that will help you hit the target like a real pro. The Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS comes with the sole aim of making the game worth loving. Look at its features and you will see that it is far better than most other rival models. Bushnell, once more, have not let the golfers down and in what can be viewed as another step towards bossing the market, they have brought the Neo Ghost into and here is why it will impress you.

This GPS golf device has more than 30,000 preloaded golf courses from many parts of the world and all you have left to do is play. You can travel with the device to overseas and still use it in the game. Although rarely, you can find a course missing especially if you are in faraway regions. When this happens, no need to worry because you can get the course online and download. However, it is good to search the courses in the area you are first because there is a likelihood it is there. To make it easier, the device has an auto course recognition feature which saves you all the searching.

The Neo Ghost has a good display that is meant for ease of the game. The distances that matter most (to the center, back and front of the green) appear on the display nicely arranged with that to the center of the green being above the other two and in a larger font. The golfer can then quickly make a decision on how they are going to take the shot.

You need a strong battery that can take you through several rounds in the course and the Neo ghost has just that. Its battery can last a couple of rounds and at some point, you might even wonder if there is energy being consumed because the percentage somehow seems to drop slowly. The multi-functional clip attachments make it easy to carry the device around during the game. It is legal for tournament play you can carry one and have an advantage over the rest.

Well, if you are looking for improved performance on the golf course, you better look for the Bushnell Neo Ghost. It is a device that can give you the ultimate golf experience and its price is competitive for the market.


Garmin Approach G6 Handheld GPS Touchscreen Golf Course

Garmin Approach G6 Handheld GPS Touchscreen Golf Course

When you are looking for a device to help you with the measurements on the golf course, you have a decision to make and it can be tough sometimes. However, the trick is knowing what works best for you. Once you understand your needs, then you have good chances of picking the right one. If you decide to use GPS devices, the Garmin Approach G6 should be in your mind because it is a great addition to your trolley.

The device comes with 25,000 courses from all over the world preloaded. You will not have yours missing in the list because many people who play abroad have not had any complains so don’t be afraid to carry it when you are going for holidays out of town. The maps are offered to the buyer all free.

The Approach G6 has a compact design. Measuring 3.7 by 0.8 by 2.1 inches and weighing below 5 Ounces, you can clearly see that the manufacturer is dedicated to giving golfers the best because compared to earlier models, this one has been a real breakthrough towards offering portability and playability. It is so slim that it can be carried in a pocket.

With this GPS device, easy usability comes to a golfer’s disposal. The touch screen can be used with gloves just fine and sensitivity remains at its best. Of course you may have a pair on especially when the weather is unfriendly or you want to keep your palms comfortable and the last thing you want to do is remove a glove to operate. The G6 is water resistant so that it can keep serving you even when the weather gets rainy. The screen can be read without strain even in bright sunlight. There are 2 additional buttons for quick access to the green view.


IZZO Swami 4000 Golf Handheld GPS

IZZO Swami 4000 Golf Handheld GPS

Are you a golfer? The Swami 4000 is here for you. The feature-rich GPS device comes to make you a winner. Combining technology and ease of use makes it a great addition in the game. The manufacturers are competent in the field and you can trust them to offer great quality while staying competitive in terms of price.

The device gives accurate measurements of distance to the front, back and center of the green. The distance to the center of the green is displayed in the center of the 1.8 inch screen. The back and front distances are above the central value with the back measurement on the right and the front measurement on the left. The mode of display makes it easy for the golfer to see the values all at once. The units are either in yards or meters; it all depends with what you are most comfortable using. To add to its versatility, this GPS device can support 12 languages which makes it unlimited.

The diversity of the Swami 4000 goes beyond question because it has more than 30,000 preinstalled courses from various areas of the world. You can therefore move with it from one country to another and it will still remain relevant in your game. You don’t need to do any computer downloads or have subscriptions to get the mappings. The distances to the green can also be edited and stored in memory. Therefore, it can be deemed cheap in the long run.


GolfBuddy VS4 Golf Handheld GPS

GolfBuddy VS4 Golf Handheld GPS

A GPS device on the golf course can work magic but only if it is the right one; both for the golfer and the course. Guessing those distances has never been fun and embracing technology is the way to go. The GolfBuddy VS4 is yet another device that comes with features that will get golfers talking and more importantly, they will find the holes like never before.

The GolfBuddy VS4 makes the golf course a lively place because you hear the measurements and they come in 8 different languages. These include the measurements to the front, center and back of the green to give you a comprehensive set of values that you can work with. This is unlike other models which require you to look at the display and read the measurements. And the result is more time saved with hands-free operation that I guess is what many people would want. One more thing you will realize is that the device takes so short a time to give the distances. It all involves the press of a button and you don’t have to worry about your location because the VS4 has more than 38,000 golf courses preinstalled.

The manufacturers are so much concerned about convenience that they devised methods which make the VS4 nothing of a burden. It comes with accessories and when attached, you can wear it on the wrist just like a watch. And it actually looks like one. If you don’t like something on your wrist, try clipping it on your cap and you won’t feel a thing as you move around. There is one more option: you can have it on the loop of your pants and let it hang from your waist. This beats most other GPS devices that require holding in the hands.

The battery can last for 10 hours of usage. This is a good improvement considered to the previous model. They are rechargeable and therefore save you the cost of having to buy new ones frequently. When you buy the GPS devise, you will mostly find the batteries well charged ready for the first game. Because you don’t want any interruptions and disappointments when you are out in the course, a battery of this strength can help a great deal.

This will be a good choice if you consider style as well as good performance on the course. The VS4 is great for determining shot distances and it can make you a star in a short time.


Garmin Approach G3 Waterproof Touchscreen Golf Handheld GPS

Garmin Approach G3 Waterproof Touchscreen Golf Handheld GPS

When you are out in the golf course, a device that helps you get the targets perfectly is all you need. Well, in the Garmin Approach G3, you got a good partner. It is the key to golfing success thanks to its features that are meant for nothing less than a game full of fun.

The device comes with preloaded courses of North and Latin America. They actually number in thousands so yours won’t miss. This makes it a good buy for very many golfers because the distances to the green are not a big problem to determine anymore. The most fascinating thing about the device is that the maps are periodically updated by Garmin to keep you at the top of the game. The updates are all free of charge and no single subscription is required. Moreover, the G3 is better than its predecessors because of its light weight and smaller size. It is a tool of convenience and you don’t have to worry about carrying it. It can fit in the front pocket of your shirt really well (although it comes with a belt clip) and with a weight of only 5.3 Ounces, this is obviously among the lightest golf GPS devices ever made.

Easy usability is all that people look for in devices and the Approach G3 has taken care of this quite well. The touch screen enables you to explore the golf course and get the measurements you need to take the accurate shot. Just check the upper right part of the screen and you will find the distance to the pin. You have the option of zooming in the area to get more accurate measurements and when you touch the target, the distance is displayed. As you move, the distance will be updated and whenever you take the shot from, be assured that you are having the correct distances.

Well, after the game, the Approach G3 enable you to do a good evaluation because you can save the scores of your foursome and do a detailed review so that you know whether you reached the set goals.

If you are looking for a modern golf GPS that is easy to use and defines portability best, then this is the perfect device.

What To Consider When Looking For the Best Golf Handheld GPS

When you feel it’s the best time to buy a golf GPS device, you will be spoilt for choice because the market is currently flooded with them. However, this can’t be emphasized enough: picking the best there is for yourself is key. Here is what you need to look out for when buying a golf GPS device.

The Size and Weight

Check the size of the device before making the order. If you are buying online, read the dimensions just to make sure it is something comfortable for your hands. The devices have a wide range of weights and sizes with the latest models tending to be lighter and smaller. Currently, there are several that can fit into the pocket. Some can even be clipped on a cap and their light weight means you will be taking the shots without any hindrances. A device that is too big will be a source of inconvenience in the field. Some people can easily lose the small ones so you just have to think of what you need.

Battery Life

When you are enjoying the game, the thought of having it interrupted because of dead batteries is the last thing on your mind. Get a device that has a powerful battery and you will surely have a great moment in the course. It should at least be powerful enough to go several rounds or even the whole weekend. Rechargeable batteries will be best because they save you the cost of buying new ones often. You can find models with batteries that can endure more than 10 hours of activity. The charging time is also an issue. Some batteries take too long to be fully charged and this might not go down well with some golfers.

Ease of Use

The usability of a golf GPS device is very essential in determining the game. You should choose one that has user-friendly features. The measurements are the greatest concern to a golfer and so they should be presented well. They should be large enough to be seen at a glance so that fast play is achieved. Another thing is how you get the distances displayed. A press of a single button is most convenient. However, to get accurate distances, you will have to make some adjustments when using many models. These include zooming in on the pin or the hazard.

The Number of Courses Preloaded in the Device

When you buy most of these devices, you will find them with preloaded courses. Getting one with many courses is advantageous for you because you can never be sure where you will be playing next. If you are a traveler, buying a diverse GPS golf device ensures that you can get playing from wherever you are. Some manufacturers allow download of updates from their sites. This can come free of charge or by a subscription fee. The devices mostly have thousands of courses already loaded and if you are within the US or Canada, your golf course rarely misses in the list.

Is the Device Weatherproof ?

As much as the game is expected to be all fun, often the weather gets to the golfers’ nerves. It could be either rainy or sometimes the sun burns very bright and hot. Because of such unfortunate circumstances, you need a device that can withstand harsh weather. Pick one that is water resistant and will keep going even when it starts raining. A screen that can be read in bright sunlight should be considered.

The Ability to Record Scores

A GPS device has the primary role of providing yardages. Well, it does no harm going a little farther and helping you keep track of your game. You can find models that keep the scores for a foursome and you can transfer and analyze them on a computer. Such a kind will be a good step towards reaching professionalism since you can set new goals.

Legality for Tournament Play

If the device is legal for tournament play, it is obviously better for you especially if you the game means a lot more to you than just fun. Find a model that has been authorized by the local authorities so that you stay on top of the game. When you have been using a GPS device for so long in practice, you will have the easiest time in the competition so it’s better having one that can be used in tournaments.

The Price

Your budget matters most so it’s wise to buy what you can afford. However, one thing to remember; not in all cases is the price proportional to quality. Focus on the features rather than having the mindset that an expensive model will be a high performer.


Other things to consider when buying a GPS device for golf include the color. They mostly come in white or black although you are likely to find other colors on the sides of some models. Look out for other accessories like multifunctional clips and a USB cable.

When you feel it’s the best time to buy a golf GPS device, you will be spoilt for choice because the market is currently flooded with them. However, this can’t be emphasized enough: picking the best there is for yourself is key. Here is what you need to look out for when buying a golf GPS device.


Getting to the professional levels of golfing is not so easy a task. However, GPS devices are here to help you rise above the rest without a struggle. The use of satellites to give yardages is a great improvement to golf and the players now have little to do to get the perfect shot. The reviews in the preceding sections will help you choose the best handheld GPS for golf. Different players in different locations have varying needs for the game so you need to think about yourself when buying. These devices are for the betterment of the game and you can grab yours today to get the thrill you have been missing.

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