A Buyer’s Guide to Choose Best Golf Bags in 2016

A Buyer’s Guide to Choose Best Golf Bags in 2016


One of the most overlooked parts of your kit on the green can be your golf bag. A quality golf bag won’t improve your drive, or make for precision putting, it’s true. What the best golf bags can do is make the whole day more of a relaxing trip, and less of an effort-filled mess while you move around the course, though.

There’s a wide variety of bags around, and one is sure to meet the standards of almost any golfer. Getting the perfect bag won’t improve your game, let’s be real here. What it will do is make sure that you can relax when you’re on the course, and with the properly informed purchase you’re sure to be even happier when you decide to go out.


The decision can be a bit confusing for the novice, which is a downer because novices are the lifeblood of any recreational activity. We’ll break down exactly what you’re looking for in a little bit, and help you to come to the conclusion you need in order to make for a comfortable sporting experience.

Even if you’re experienced it can be something of a fussy matter. The selection of a high-quality golf bag which will suit your needs perfectly takes a lot of thought. We’ll strive to make the choice simpler for you, though, in order to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Let’s get into some of the best bags currently available on the market without further ado. Regardless of what kind of golfer you are, amateur or pro, walker or driver, you’re sure to be able to find one of these that will perfectly suit your needs on the green.

Comparison Chart for 16 Best Golf Bags in 2016

Recommendations for the Best Golf Bags in 2016

For anyone looking for tips about the best golf bag available, these reviews may help shed some light on them for you. It is no secret that golf players take their game seriously. The same can be said about their golf clubs and golf bags. Because of that, knowing what the best golf bags in 2015 and 2016 are, is very important.

These reviews take several factors into consideration. Those issues are the best rated, best golf cart, best golf stand and the best carry golf bags available on the market today. Since technology is advancing so much, these technological advancements are applied to golf bags as well. These breakthroughs include strap systems, lightweight materials and stand mechanisms. All of these breakthroughs have helped make the golfing experience that much better for golfers out there.


Nike Air Sport Lite Golf Stand Bag

Nike Air Sport Lite Golf Stand Bag

One of the best rated golf bags presently on the market is the Nike Air Sport Lite Stand Bag. Created with some of the best materials, there are many features which make this bag such a best seller. The bottom base system utilizes cushiony Phylon material. That provides a contact area with stronger support and maximum platform.

For suspension, the lightweight frame with an exoskeleton design is amazing. Using the Nike suspension system, the webbing material results in exceptional cushion. The continuous webbing system throughout the Nike Air unit is one of the reasons it has a lifetime limited warranty. By being available in six different colors, it gives those looking to purchase a favorite one more choices. It measures 48 x 12 x 12 inches and weighs 5.9 pounds.

We found that the kickstand is actually very good when compared to other models. In fact, it is very sturdy and quite useful. The large putter grip is a very useful feature that offers users a separate compartment which work quite well. In addition, the sub storage compartments are also large enough and conveniently placed. They offer ample storage room and the smaller sub compartments can be used for just about anything you want.The strap provides enough support for those with broader shoulders, but still works fine for those with lesser ones.

A few users may find a problem with the bag’s size perhaps preferring a larger one. Still, that’s one of the reasons this bag is so lightweight and so easy to lug around. When it comes to overall user satisfaction, ratings and total features, this bag earns high marks.


Wilson NFL Golf Cart Bag

Wilson NFL Golf Cart Bag

If you love the NFL and have a favorite team, the Wilson NFL Golf Cart Bag, has one waiting for you. Available in 32 NFL teams, this bag lets you proudly represent your team on the golf field. Still, that’s not the only reason why you may want to consider purchasing this item. It is made out of a lightweight premium diamond rip-stop material. The NFL Team and other embroidery can be seen all over the bag which is made with great quality. The angled feet on the Wilson bag appear very sturdy and firm. The stand lock strap makes it easy to set up and use when golfers are on the course.

There is also a 1 large side pocket used for accessories. Other pockets include 2 side pockets, 2 side valuable pocket. The Wilson NFL golf cart bag has 5 pockets in total to hold all of your gear. It also has 5-way dividers, 3-stay construction and a built in handle. The bag also has several features which make it very useful. That includes a handy towel as well as a glove holder. Others include a rain and travel hood cap for added necessities.

Lastly, there is also an umbrella holder as well. Users will surely appreciate the durable feel and great looks this bag has. One problem some have mentioned is the pockets used to hold golf shoes. Some may find them not big or ample enough to hold certain golf shoes. This may be a problem for those with larger feet. Still, NFL fans all over can appreciate a bag which lets them root for their teams via the beautiful logos which stand out so boldly.


Callaway 2016 Org 14 Golf Cart Bag

Callaway 2016 Org 14 Golf Cart Bag

The Callaway 2016 Org 14 Cart Bag is considered one of the most popular on the market. That’s primarily due to improved strap system it comes with. There is also an E-Trolley base system which makes it easier for every golfer to use. The trolley Lip helps secure the golf bag as well as the 14 full length club dividers. In fact, many golf enthusiast were also very happy with the full length club dividers it has. There are 12 pockets in total on this golf bag. These include those pockets which are water-resistant.

For your valuables, there is also a Velour-lined pocket. That includes a key fob for extra security. If you are still looking for more pockets, users who purchase this golf bag will appreciate the 2 insulated cooler pockets as well. This can very convenient when needing refreshments out on the field. The Callaway 2016 Org 14 has 3 accessory pockets and ball pocket to add to those. Added features include an integrated umbrella sleeve which is a very useful characteristic.

For those concerned about a bag being too heavy, the Callaway only weighs 5.6 pounds. The integrated molded grab handle on top of the bag is very useful. One important factor serious golfers demand in a golf bag is that it has full length club dividers. That’s because they don’t want to worry about having difficulty removing, replacing and using their driver and woods in the appropriate spots.

However, the answer to that question pertaining to this model is yes. Users did not have a problem either retrieving nor replacing them at all. Complaints about certain colors costing more than others seem to be one issue some of those who purchased this bag had.


OGIO Grom Golf Stand Bag

OGIO Grom Golf Stand Bag

For all the golfers out there who are looking for a no nonsense golf bag that delivers, they can choose the OGIO Grom Stand Bag. Made out of polyester fabric with state of the art material, it is very lightweight and sturdy. This bag helps you keep all of your clubs easily organized.

There is also a TORQ strap and a SHOXX X4 full suspension system which provides comfort. The OGIO Grom comes with an integrated front handle. It also has an oversized putter pit and load equalizing. Owners of this bag will truly enjoy how easy it is walk the golfing course with it. Besides looking great, the ability to keep all of your clubs neatly organized is extremely convenient. That’s especially useful when someone is ready to grab one of them once they reach the next hole. Although there is no zipper closure, the ball pocket stays closed.

The stand is easy to use and makes the golfing experience that much better. It weighs 6.4 pounds and measures 43.3 x 13.8 x 13.8 inches. The individual compartments create even more room for storage. One of the great things about the pockets with zippers though, is how easily accessible they are. Moreover, the zippers themselves appear to be quite strong and durable. On the negative side, there is an issue some had with the overall balance. That test though, was done with the bag fully loaded. This included 14 golf clubs, gloves, a rangefinder and about 10 balls and tees.

However, with that amount of weight, that can be expected. It still does not take away from the overall customer satisfaction and delivery this golf bag has.


NFL Fairway Golf Stand Bag

NFL Fairway Golf Stand Bag

If you want to let everyone on the golf course know how much of an NFL fan you are while using a great golf bag with a stand, consider the NFL Fairway. Packed with 14-way full length dividers and an integrated top handle, the NFL Fairway Golf Stand Bag makes golfing a joy. This amazing bag has 5 zippered pockets and 6 location embroidery pouches as well. There is also a towel ring, umbrella holder and a removable rain hood. With the two-lift assist handles, golfers are able to move around with ease.

For NFL fans, they can show their team support with style. Simply pick your team and the beautiful logos all over the bag do the rest. Officially licensed, it is full of many useful features. Golf players are able to conveniently organize their clubs while playing the game. That’s largely due to the 14-way full-length dividers it has. All the while, they don’t need to worry about the bag falling. We found it to be a great conversation piece on the court. As an added bonus, there is also a small cooler pouch for beverages.

There is also a double shoulder strap included which is quite handy. An added bonus is the separate putter included. A few may take issue with the cooler pocket though since it is not that big. Another issue is the inner lining for each divided hole for golf clubs. The concern is that after the top, they are not individually divided. Those small concerns notwithstanding, this is still a golf stand bag which will make those who purchase it very happy.

The Following Reviews Are for The Best Golf Cart Bags Currently Available for 2016.


TaylorMade San Clemente Golf Cart Bag

TaylorMade San Clemente Golf Cart Bag

If you are looking for a durable and dependable lightweight golf bag, then the TaylorMade San Clemente Cart Bag is for you. Weighing only 5.1 pounds, it lets players move around the court easily. This great bag has 14 dividers with two slots. These make it very easy to fit all of your oversized putter grips. There are also 8 pockets and for secure riding, a pass through cart strap. To help golfers protect their clubs, the TaylorMade San Clemente is made out of crush resistant material. We found the expandable side pockets on the bag very versatile for storage.

It also has a rangefinder pocket, umbrella cord and rain hood. The bag has crush resistant construction for longer durability, strength and maximum protection. There are two extra garment pockets that come with double zippers. In addition, for versatile storage, there is an expandable side pocket. We found that the Velour lined pockets for all of your valuables is also very useful. For added comfort and ease of use, there is a single pad shoulder strap. The front handle on the TaylorMade is also a plus because it allows easy maneuverability.

Golfers will appreciate how much room this bag offers and all the of extra features that come with it. One issue a few took notice of was the bag not having a separate holder for their putter. Also, with a full set of clubs, at times the sturdiness was a bit off. Those that wanted to be able to keep themselves cool on the field also did not like the bag not having a cooler pocket on it. Overall though, this golf bag has many positives which make it a great deal.


Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Golf Cart Bag

Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Golf Cart Bag

The Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag comes full of features to make every golfer enjoy the game more. This great bag has 14 full length dividers to accommodate your golf clubs. That means you can keep all of them neatly and perfectly organized. This cart bag is perfect for helping players keep their clubs organized. The 1 deep ball pocket which will come in handy for golfers. Other pockets include a small accessory or tee pocket. For your valuables you want to remove and stash while playing, there is a fur lined valuable pocket as well. In addition to these, you also have 2 full-length side pockets. Those pockets are very useful and work perfectly for clothing and waterproofs. To help keep you cool in the golf field, there is an insulated pocket for drinks as well.

For players who may want to store their putter separately, there is an external putter tube. This is great for those who have putters with large heads. There is also a Velcro glove holder which comes in handy. As far as the weight is concerned, it is a lightweight bag weighing only 5.3 pounds. Other bonus features include an external umbrella strap and a golf towel ring. One negative that some users complained about was the base of the bag. Some found that it wasn’t big enough to stand by itself at times when a full set of golf clubs were inside.

However, that tends to happens to golf bags, depending on the clubs and size. The strap interfering with the putter pocket whenever the golf bag was strapped to a golf cart was also a minor issue to some. Nevertheless, this is still an amazing bag with a great design. Being available in 4 cool colors is also a plus.


Tour Edge Hot Launch Performance Golf Cart Bag

Tour Edge Hot Launch Performance Golf Cart Bag

Another great golf bag for players to consider is the Tour Edge Hot Launch Performance Cart Bag. Made with the latest long lasting materials, serious golf players will appreciate the quality and durability. The Tour Edge has 15-way divider top for all of your clubs. It is molded with an easy to lift handle. These full length dividers can help protect graphic shafts. Plus, they also keep the grips from tangling and snagging at the bottom of the bag.

To help gofers keep cool out on the field, the bag has an insulated beverage pocket for storing them. The thick padded carry strap makes it a lot easier to lug around and take with you. For extra items you may want to store separately, it has a waterproof velour-lined dry pocket. That helps protect your valuables and makes it easier to access them. Another useful feature is the bag coming with a snap-on rain cover for the top of the bag. Those who purchase this bag take notice that the zippers are easy to use, tough and durable. There are a few issues that some users might have with the bag though.

For one, whenever you strap the bag into the cart, it can become difficult to reach the pocket on the right side. Some felt that perhaps having a pocket to weave the strap through would have addressed this better. Another problem is the lack of a separate putter compartment. This would make it a lot easier for a player to keep their putter accessible without having to put on the head cover after every use. We should note that the bags that do offer this are a bit more expensive though. Overall, it measures 36 x 12 x 14 inches and weighs 9 pounds. For those looking for a bag that offers extreme performance, this TourEdge Hot Launch is the one.


Callaway 2016 Org 15 Golf Cart Bag

Callaway 2016 Org 15 Golf Cart Bag

This Callaway 2016 Org 15 Cart Bag review came easy since there are so many great things to rave about with this bag. For one, the design with 15 dividers is amazing for organizational purposes. Being able to neatly organize all of your golf clubs is very important to players and this design allows you to do so easily. There also 14 pockets and individual full length dividers. These work very well to help keep all of your golf clubs secure.

The great thing about these full length dividers is that from top to bottom, your clubs don’t touch. They will end up in place as long as you do not force them. We found the E-Trolley base able to work with many push carts out there. Compared to other bags, it does weigh a bit more at 10 pounds. However, that is due to the many features and durable material it is made of. For easy transportation, the Callaway 2016 Org 15 has integrated molded grab handles. To help players keep hydrated and cool out on the field, the bag has a thermal lined cooler pockets. Having access to beverages is very useful. What sets his one apart from others is that they have drain holes. When out on the field, users can also find the bottle opener on the bag very handy and useful. The black satin finish towel hook on the bag look amazing.

For all of your valuables which you may want to keep safe, there is pocket for them as well. For added security, this valuables pocket is magnetically sealed. A few issues some users had with this bag are worth noting. These are the instability of the bag at times. A few found it had a tendency to fall over when full of clubs. The lack of a handle in the front was also another concern. While there is a handle on the back, some felt that it would have made much easier to handle if it was on the front. Still, this bag does have a carry strap as well. One last concern was the magnetic pocket sometimes collapsing.


Wilson 2015 Lite Golf Cart Bag

Wilson 2015 Lite Golf Cart Bag

If you have a budget in mind, then the Wilson 2015 Cart Lite Golf Bag may be for you. This bag, although practical compared to others, is still full of features. Golfers can appreciate the 7 closed pockets to help them organize their golf clubs. To help you move and carry your bag, there’s a comfortable padded strap. For those looking for a durable and tough golfing bag, this one is made with diamond polyester fabric. That can come in handy when traveling or facing extreme weather conditions. The fact that it is very light, lets you move around with it easily in and out of your golf cart.

Players on the field who may not want to wait for a beverage, will appreciate the extra storage pocket. This can be used for a range finder as well. Other extras include a Velcro glove patch, boot handle and towel ring. The Wilson 2015 cart lite also comes with an umbrella holder. Other useful features are a rain hood and glove holder for extra convenience. The 5 divider top measures 10′ X 7.5″ and has mesh staff protection as well. A few minor concerns some people have with the Wilson Cart Lite is the lack of space. Some found that their clubs barely fit. Others found that the carry strap was not placed in the right place.

However, they still have the option of removing it or changing it. Although not as costly as other bags, this one offers a lot of those features.

The Following Reviews Are for The Best Golf Stand Bags Currently Available for 2016.


Hot-Z 2.0 Golf Stand Bag

Hot-Z 2.0 Golf Stand Bag

Many golfers don’t have the luxury of having a caddy to carry their golf bag around. This is where the Hot-Z Golf 2.0 Stand Bag comes in handy. It is one of the best when it comes to being able to stand alone on the golfing course. With 5 zippered pockets and padded dual carry straps, the Hot-Z has a lot to offer.

When out on the playing field, golfers will find the easy to release stand legs very efficient and handy. The dobby nylon materials it is made from make it very lightweight, yet durable. In fact, the durable nylon material it is made of is another reason golfers give this bag such a high rating. It comes with 6-way top graphite separator which is player friendly. When you want to protect your valuables, there is a velour lined pocket for them on the bag. The dual carry strap is conveniently padded for extra comfort and use. Other amenities include a towel ring with a Velcro glove attachment. There is also a pen sleeve and a tee holder as well. Lastly, to help protect your golf clubs and bag during the rain, it also has a rain hood cover.

The Hot-Z weighs 8 pounds and when compared to other similar golfing bags, the price is very competitive. A problem reported was the bag not being able to stand on slippery surfaces such as hardwood. The legs can end up sometimes sliding apart from each other. However, one has to note that these legs are actually made to be placed on golf courses terrain. Apart from that, we feel that it is not enough to keep anyone from considering this golf stand bag for purchase.


Tour Edge Hot Launch Golf Stand Bag

Tour Edge Hot Launch Golf Stand Bag

The Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch Stand Bag has many features which golf players can appreciate. Those that purchase it can expect it to last since it is made out of durable and strong material. To help golf players keep all of their clubs organized, it offers a 15-way divider top. It is molded with an easy-lift handle for quick and easy access. That 6-way top which has full-length dividers, is very useful since it offers protection and separation. Aside from the easy lift handle, there is a 6-way divided top.

In addition, there are 4-way padded dual carry straps. Users will appreciate how they help to reduce pressure points when carrying it. It also promotes comfortability as well. Since being able to have access to beverages is important on the golf field, the insulated beverage holder comes in handy. Other useful pockets include a velour-lined pockets for valuables or anything else. There is also an oversized apparel pocket as well. The waterproof velour-lined dry pocket is very intuitive and handy. That design lets them protect their valuables in case it rains. The foam padded hip pad is another feature worth noting. The total measurements are 36 x 12 x 14 inches while weighing 9 pounds. Since this bag is available in 9 colors, chances are there is one just for you.


Callaway 2016 Hyper-Lite 5 Golf Stand Bag

Callaway 2016 Hyper-Lite 5 Golf Stand Bag

When it comes to design and looks, the Callaway 2016 Hyper-Lite 5 Stand Bag gets high ratings. This bag has a lot to offer every golfer looking to enjoy the game more. The 7-way top comes equipped with full length club dividers. There are also alignment stick holders articulately dedicated. The bag has a total of 9 pockets for users to enjoy. That includes a water-resistant pocket for your valuables which is velour lined. The velour lined feature provides much needed extra protection for whatever you place in there.

The Callaway 2016 does weigh 10 pounds and measures 36 x 12 x 14 inches. One of the best features is the Xtra traction technology base system. It provides stability and great turf interaction for golfers. We found the black satin finished towel hook to be aesthetically pleasing. One grievance some found with this bag was that it sometimes became unable to stand on its own. As we stated in other reviews, that can be the case at times with some golf bags. This largely depends on the golf clubs and their weight. Another minor issue was the size of the beverage pocket. Some may feel that it is not big enough to place all of their desired beverages in there.

The Callaway 2016 is a bit more costlier than other bags. However, that is because of all the features, durability and other amenities it offers golfers. Overall, this is among one of the highest rated out of all the bags we have reviewed.

The Following Reviews Are for The Best Carry Golf Bags Currently Available for 2016.


K-Cliffs Driving Range Mini Course Training Practice Golf Bag Travel Case Carry Golf Bag

K-Cliffs Driving Range Mini Course Training Practice Golf Bag Travel Case Carry Golf Bag

The K-Cliffs Driving Range mini course golf bag is not a regular golf bag as far as size is concerned. Golf players who purchase this item can enjoy the newly improved zipper direction. There are also T slots size on glove pocket for added convenience. Even though this bag is much smaller than conventional golf bags, don’t let the size fool you. It can still hold 6 to 7 clubs. That includes room for a driver.

The K-Cliffs also has a very useful detachable shoulder strap. As far as the handling, it is very lightweight. The material appears to be quite durable. The specs indicate that the K-Cliffs golf bag material is also water resistant. There is an accessory zipper pocket with a T holder for convenience. Another feature users can enjoy is the rigid body which includes a detachable plastic tube. Since it is fully padded and contains a zipper mouth opening, this bag is very handy. For those golfers who may looking for a bag that stands alone, this one is not it though.

Some of those who purchased this golf bag seem to have claims that the zipper is on the wrong side of the pocket. Others also found that there is not enough room. Because the top of the bag doesn’t have very much room, it can be tough to close with a driver. Still, they need to keep in mind that this is a travel bag or a mini-bag. Bottom line is that if you are looking for a mini course golf bag to train, then the K-Cliffs is a great choice.


Forgan Grey & Black Ultra Light Carry Golf Bag

Forgan Grey & Black Ultra Light Carry Golf Bag

If you are looking for an inexpensive golf bag, then the Forgan Grey & Black Ultra Light is just for you. It has a 7.5 inches, 2-way compressed nylon top. The bag is able to hold an entire full set of 14 clubs. We found the external mesh beverage pocket very useful. Also, the rigid spine from the bag allows it to stay vertically in most instances. Still, this bag is not meant to be used for a full round or cart use. It is however, recommended for range days or municipal courses. Other features include an umbrella holder and full length side saddle apparel pocket.

The Forgan is very lightweight at only 1.25 pounds. Users thinking about purchasing this bag should take note that it is a for the occasional golfer. If you are looking for a bag to fit more than 7 clubs, then this one is not for you. Be that as it may, this bag still has a lot of room in it. Apart from the 6 to seven clubs, you can also fit tees, water bottles and balls. A concern for some of those who purchased this bag was the inability of it to stand alone on its own.

However, others have said that they did not have that problem though. If you are someone who plays golf once in a while and do not have the need to carry a full set of clubs, this is a good choice.


Sunday Bag, Lightweight Executive Course Carry Golf Bag

Sunday Bag, Lightweight Executive Course Carry Golf Bag

For those who are looking for both an inexpensive and no frills bag, the ProActive Sunday bag is a good choice. It is made out of polyester and big enough to carry the clubs you need. This bag is great for those who are just beginning to play the game who don’t need to carry a full set of golf clubs.

Also, senior golfers or juniors can enjoy it as well. The features include a convenient handle on the side and a padded shoulder strap. They both provide comfort and convenience. Anyone who needs a traveling golf bag can appreciate the ProActive Sunday. This bag has multiple pockets which give you room to carry other things besides your clubs. The Sunday Bag is perfect if you travel a lot since it takes up very little space. This bag is also great for those people who use a trailer, camper or want to fit it in the trunk of a car. One thing to keep in mind is that unlike bigger, stand alone golf bags, this one will not do so.

For some users it is a concern since they may not want to lay their bag down on the ground. Others have problems with being able to place a putter in the bag. Others also expressed recommendations about the strap being more adjustable. Nonetheless, those who travel a lot truly appreciate what this bag does as far as size and weight. They can end up saving a lot of money when having to ship or lug it from place to place. Overall, if you are looking for a smaller, lightweight bag, then the Sunday Lightweight is a great choice.

Types of Golf Bag

There’s a pretty wide variety of golf bags available on the market today, and each is suited for a specialized need. Let’s take a moment and break them down so that you’ll be able to figure out exactly what works for you:

  • Carry Golf Bags – These are designed to be carried with you around the course. They generally have a bit less storage than other types but come in lighter and with better straps. You’ll also want to find one with a sturdy base so you can leave it standing while you’re taking your swing.
  • Golf Stand Bags – These are made for the same purpose as carry bags, to generally take with you on foot. The important distinction arises in the fact that these types of the bag have a kickstand mechanism which allows for them to be stored at a stable angle once you set them down.
  • Golf Cart Bags – Designed for either a push cart or to be carried on your golf cart, these heavier bag types boast superior storage in almost all cases. They’re generally a bit too big to be appropriate for carrying all over the whole course on foot,
  • Staff Bags – These are the ones that pro-golfers use and are undoubtedly the Rolls-Royce of golf bags. They’re probably something you’ll only want to invest in if you have some serious money and a regular caddy, though, as they can be unwieldy and very heavy.

Features of Golf Bags

Not all bags are created equally, and these important features are what you’ll want to keep an eye out for when you’re selecting a bag once you’ve settled on a type.

  • Top Dividers – These will affect how well you can organize your clubs, and the numbers vary widely. Almost more important than the number though is whether or not the dividers go all the way to the bottom of the bag. It can be a bit of a hassle to get your clubs out if the handles are tangled together.
  • Pockets – We all know that golfing isn’t just about the sport, it’s about being out in the sun and socializing as well. The more pockets you have, the more snacks, drinks, and accessories you’ll be able to carry with you. A lot of bags also feature a locking pocket for your valuables.
  • Straps – Important for any bag, but especially for those you intend to carry with you. A good strap means you, or your caddy will be much more comfortable while toting the bag around. Look for something wide and well-padded as the weight of clubs can really add up.
  • Rain Goods – If you’re a determined golfer who goes out no matter the weather, you’ll want to make sure your bag has a hood. With one, you’ll be able to protect your expensive equipment from inclement weather.

How to Pick a Golf Bag

When you are looking to where to buy a golf bag, make sure you consider the site or place to be reliable. Look for places which make it easy for you to return the item if you have a problem with it. Also, customer service, pricing and dependability are factors to ponder.

Other issues to consider when you are buying a golf bag are price, reviews and overall customer satisfaction. Also, think about who you are buying it for and for what they will use it for. For those who are really into golf and treat the game as a more than a hobby, a mini bag just won’t do. At the same time, for a golfer who only has a few clubs, a full big bag is not recommended. Lastly, consider your budget and how much you want to spend. Once you have that price target in mind, then simply make your choice from those within that price range.  

Once you’ve decided on a bag type, you’ll want to compare features and price in order to buy the one that suits your needs best while remaining within your budget. Amateurs, in particular, might want to go with a cheaper bag so that there’s not a large, sunk investment if they give up the sport. If you’re a life-long golfer, on the other hand, the investment in a high dollar bag can be well worth it since it’ll be the kind of thing that accompanies you for years.


The matter of picking a golf bag out for yourself isn’t as hard as the boggling amount of choices can make it seem. Once you’ve picked out the best golf bags to look over and made a final decision you’re sure to be pleased with your choice. If your bag is lacking for your needs, or if you just want to get into the sport, there’s no excuse not to pick one out now and make the investment. Pick out the one you need now, make the purchase, and get ready for a lifetime of fantastic recreational golfing.

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