Benefits of Playing Golf

Benefits of Playing Golf

By Gilbert M. Harvey / October 22, 2016

Overall, playing sports is very beneficial for your health, especially in this busy life where people are all in a rush to make money. There are so many kinds of sports out there which can help you improve your physical and mental health very effectively.

Today, I will talk about one of the best outdoor sports as well as its benefits in your daily life and it is golf. You don’t know why? Then check it out.

Benefits of playing golf.

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Generally, unlike many other sports such as football, swimming, hiking and so on, golf is not a physically demanding one. But what about walking around outdoors at a pace of 10 km for hours? How do you feel about that? Is this extremely easy for you?

You may think that golf is a sport of only leisure, gentleman or old people but it is a completely obsolete thinking. This is because nowadays, there are a lot of people from all ages and every walk of life playing golf as a daily outdoor activity.

However, what makes this slow – paced sport one of the most popular ones all over the world? Here are some main benefits of golf and reasons why people play it much more frequently in recent years.

You can be more exposed to the outdoors  

In general, just like other types of sports such as running, yoga and hiking, golf can provide us many benefits for our body as well as mind. In details, is obvious that playing golf on a course which is 200 acres large will require a player to be outdoors. Therefore, he will much more exposed to sun light than staying indoors playing video games or sleeping in bed all the times.

Remember that basking in nature can offer us many health benefits. Specifically, constant expose to the sun light and green areas can help you relax your body, reduce stress or anxiety. Additionally, when you are exposed to the sunlight for a few hours in every early morning, your body will probably absorb more vitamin D, as a result, promoting bone growth, especially in children.  Besides, this can also reduce the risk of heart disease, depression and some certain cancers

Playing golf can strengthen your relationships

It is the fact that golf is one of the most socially enjoyable sports so it can be the best choice for you to keep in touch with other including friends, co- workers and even family. This is very important because in this busy world, it seems like we don’t have much time for other people, especially your family.


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In this case, it is not about playing golf anymore, instead, it’s about the relationship between you and the people you’re playing with. If you play with your family or friends, it’s a good chance for you to talk with them. On the other hands, playing golf can provide you more opportunities to make friend with new people or to connect a community.

It can help you strengthen your bladder

You may think that this is quite ridiculous but it is true and very important. Keep in mind that playing golf frequently can help you strengthen your bladder effectively. This is because the longer you can “ hold it”, the more you can strengthen the capacity of your bladder which is very important for everyone.

You can burn more calories

Playing golf means that there is a lot of walking and just imagine how exhausted you will be while covering about 150 or 200 acres. Of course, you can completely hire a golf cart, but I think it’s not playing golf anymore. In fact, walking is one of the most important parts in this sport so don’t be so lazy like that.


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Furthermore, walking on a golf course can be more difficult and exhausting when you have to carry your own clubs. However,  this  can help you burn more calories without getting bored because you always have to move to a new position to it the ball. Therefore, playing golf can be a great way for fat people or anyone who wants to lose weight.

Your brain can be improved

While playing golf, your heart rate will increase, thus, allowing your blood to  flow to your brain. This will stimulate as well as improve the connection between your nerve cells. As a result, many mental illnesses like dementia is more likely to be delayed.

Besides you can compete with other players, you can also compete with yourself for your personal best scores. That’s the reason why golf is a challenging sport, and it can boost your self- esteem and confidence. Specifically, when playing golf, you can improve strategies and foster hand- eye coordination, thus, your brain will stay more active, especially in logical functions

Playing golf frequently can improve your vision

If you want to score, you need to have good vision in order to zoom in on that tiny ball. This may be very difficult for any player for the first time. However, after a few months, you can easily get used to it. When you can hone in on that little ball, it’s certain that you can see things better from long distances, especially when they are small targets.

Golf is one of the most low-risk injury sports

It’s no doubt that when compared to other sports, golf is very safe for any players. In details, you need to know that golf is not a contact sport so the risk of injury will be much lower. Therefore, golf can be played by people of all ages.

However, just because it is a low- risk injury sport doesn’t mean that golf is not a sport of coordination, strategy and accuracy. Actually, there is still some physical activity involved such as swinging, walking and pivoting. In short, although golf is safe for you, it can still provide physical activity so as to keep your muscles engaged

Last but not least, it can help you improve the quality of your sleep.

Your sleep is very important for your health and your daytime performance at work so if you’re sleep deprived or often wake up in the middle of the night, it is very bad. However, you don’t need to look for any special method to improve your sleep. Instead, you just need to find a suitable sport and golf can be one of best sports for you.

Because while playing golf, you have to get a bit of exercise, your body will definitely be exhausted. Therefore, when the night comes, you will be able to sleep faster and more importantly profoundly.

Keep in mind that, a deeper sleep will help generate cells and repair your tissues and muscles. That’s why golf can be the best choice for the elder or anyone to avoid sleep deprivation, particularly when they need a low- risk injury sports.

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