5 Important Golf Cart Accessories %

5 Important Golf Cart Accessories

By Gilbert M. Harvey / October 28, 2016

You bought a golf cart and are now ready to get out and have some fun with your new ride. It will be really fun to drive around your favorite golf courses and play golf thereafter. But how do you keep you golf cart in good shape?Like any other vehicle, a golf cart is also an investment and investments should be valued and taken cared of. How do you do this? Easy! Just make sure that you all the important golf cart accessories on hand.

There are many golf cart accessories out these but these are the most important. You should have these 5 essentials handy before for you go out and swing those clubs. Check them out below:

1. Golf Cart Cover Roof


Let’s start by protecting your new cart. How will you store it and how will you keep it safe? Well, look no further than a golf cart cover roof. This material is especially designed to protect your cart from the elements. With material that is polyester fabric and coated against water and UV-rays, your cover will last for years to come, and, in turn, so will your golf cart.

Depending on the cart, there are covers for two or four passenger carts. They are air vented structures, if you want to get some air into cart on hot days during the year. Also, there are elastic cords and grommets that hold the cover down when the wind picks up in your area. This is a viable option for your new cart. You might not have the funds to add on to your garage or build a shed big enough for your golf cart. Instead, think of purchasing this cover. You will not regret it.

2. Jumper Cables

As you continue to use your golf cart more and more, you will be able to move quickly from one hole to the next swiftly and efficiently. You might even get more holes in than you thought that day because of your new ride. 27 and 36-hole days will now be in your grasp. Unfortunately, batteries can run dry of energy and then your great day will turn sour quite quickly. So, plan ahead and make sure your battery is completely charged.

However, there are times when the battery might not cooperate and you will not have control of the matter. A very good jumper cable will come in handy during such times. But, before you even begin to jumpstart your golf cart, make sure that you inspect the vehicle to see if everything is connected appropriately. Also, notice if there is any corrosion on the cables at all. If you have gone through these check list items, then begin by turning the cart off and put on protective gloves. Since batteries are full of acid, this could burn human flesh, causing bleeding, scabbing, and scarring in the areas affected. A wrench needs to be used to move the contacts and any rubbing alcohol can help with corrosion on a battery itself.


To jump start a golf cart, think of it like jumping a car. The cart can be charged with the use of another cart or a charging unit. This will need to be connected for at least 30 minutes to fulfill the energy needed for a golf cart. If you do not wait, you battery might strand you and your vehicle out on the golf course, turning the good day into a rotten one.

Keep in mind the importance of safety when using jumper cables. Electrocution is a real possibility, if jumpstarting is not done appropriately. Ensure sure that the motor belts and wires are not obstructed when performing a jump. The safety of you and your golf cart are of the utmost concern. Lastly, remember that the more luxury the golf cart, the more energy it will burn from your battery. See to it that your battery matches the type of golf cart that you have and all will go well. If you do have the unfortunate experience of having a dead battery, make sure you have jumper cables that have a gauge that is high rather than lower. An 8 gauge or higher would be perfect because this vehicle does not need any more power than that.

3. Golf Cart Enclosure


A golf cart can be a great luxury to have on the golf course but not when the weather and bugs act up. Insert a golf cart enclosure to your vehicle when this happens and you will be one happy golfer. Many framed enclosures are made from aluminum for long lasting durability. The curtains on an enclosure are high-end fabric that will keep you dry and insulated. There are windows and removable doors to help with ventilation. No matter if your cart has a windshield or not, they will work to perfection. They are easy to install, and many enclosures have mounting points with sleeves that wrap to the front roof supports. This accessory will be worth every penny.

4. Rear View Mirror


Just like in a car, a golf cart should have a rear view mirror. Who knows when you will need to see what is behind you. If you are reversing back to a spot on the fairway, or driving through a golf course that weaves through neighborhoods, a rear view mirror is a necessity. These mirrors are easy to install as long as you have a mounting location on your golf cart. Many mirrors are a good size (4.5”by 8”) and have a metal bracket to help with the mounting process. See what is behind you, so you can move forward on the golf course.

5. Chrome Wheel Covers


Chrome Wheel Covers will help make your golf cart the most desired vehicle at the club house. Give your cart a little bling by installing chrome wheel covers as you drive down the fairways. These covers are easily installable, look great, are of the highest quality, and will be durable for years to come. Most packages will not cost you an arm and a leg but you will like the style your golf cart will personify. Trick your ride out today and notice how envious everyone will be towards your golf cart.

Author Bio: MZ lives in Salt Lake City, UT with his wife and their puppy, a golden lab. He enjoys writing, coaching basketball, playing music, and hiking out in the great outdoors. Currently, he teaches English and Health at the high school level. If you want to read his blogs, you may visit mygaragestory.net.

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